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Goddess' Words

.: ☽ Sasuke ☾ :.


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Anonymous whispered:

"Holo, do you have any kinks for when you're bedding a mate?"

                    ❝ O but of course little one! For why wouldn’t I? I am not your
                                   typical woman you know. I am a wolf thus I will behave like a
                                   wolf in bed as well.~ Biting and scratching are things I love. I
                                   love to draw blood but prefer it to be my blood. The last thing
                                   I want—if I am mating with a human—is to transform from a
                                   little blood play. I also love growling and just a bit be tied up. I
                                   love having a master for I am a canine.~ ❞

Bᴇᴀᴜᴛʏ & ᴛʜᴇ Bᴇᴀsᴛ || Hᴏʟᴏ & Vɪʀᴀʟ 

.: ☽ Viral ☾ :.

          A small smile showed, he had noticed the change in her demeanor since he had said yes. Their little outing is just what he needed as well, but to see her brighten up with a smile brightened the usually grumpy beastman’s day. Long did he did sometimes to where he could frolic in the fields again, perhaps one day with her he’d be able to do it more often. But his position now, it was very important.

     Within the time she had befriended people of the city, mothers, children and their families. She had quite the way with people unlike the grumpy Beastman. Over time the city had come to accept her, though usually seeing her as another Beastman. Viral and Rossiu were the only ones to know, which was perfectly fine. The city didn’t need to know the little goddess they had let in could turn into a large wolf, etc.

     Children ran up and around him, trying his hardest not to trip over them as they ran around Holo. A little grump the smile disappeared, she was quite the attraction now wasn’t she? No he wasn’t jealous, he just wished for a moment alone. Viral wasn’t that great with Children, Holo made up for that it seemed now.

    “You’ve become quite the attraction, maybe we should have taken the more secluded way to get around.” However her tiny hand took his and they were off once again, “Holo, how do you like the city?”

    Had he asked this before, how much she had liked the city life here from time to time? Maybe once in the beginning, it was much different from her Forrest back home, from her many stories on how it was. Perhaps, with the Beastmen, she felt more at home for only just awhile being surrounded by them.


              Ears pricked at his words, curious as to what brought them on. Did
                   he not like the attention? Was it the children themselves? Perhaps he
                   wasn’t good with kids. She used to not be, knowing that the chance of
                   childbirth was at an all time low. However, she had to live knowing that
                   there was a chance that she wouldn’t be able to find the right person that
                   would allow her to have kids of her own. She moved on and accepted the
                   fact, growing to love them.

              She didn’t say anything on the matter and instead answers his question.

                        ❝ I was alone for the longest of times… ❞

              Her voice was soft, hand squeezing his gently.

                        ❝ I was rejected by the other gods for my choice to take on a physical
                                    form, and by choosing that I chose to never return to that realm.
                                    When I got here and opened my eyes it was so beautiful; the world.
                                    The form I had chosen to take was one of a wolf. At the time I didn’t
                                    realize how big that form would be. Because of that I was rejected
                                    and feared by humans as a wolf and in this form I take now. ❞

              A bit harder she squeezed, feeling coming back as they walked.

                        ❝ However, those that did accept me were the wolves in the forest that
                                    I woke up in. I became their alpha and for over a century I enjoyed my
                                    life. However, after a few attacks on humans they took it upon
                                    themselves to rid the forest of my pack. Of course they couldn’t kill me
                                    and instead left me alone. For several centuries I was alone and I
                                    roamed the lands to try and find my place. ❞

              She looked up toward him, a genuine smile on her face, eyes full of emotion.
                   Her other hand came to rest on his that her hand held.

                        ❝ Then I got lost in these lands and you saved me. You brought me here
                                     where I’m accepted immediately for who I am. The humans accept me.
                                     Your people accept me. I have fallen in love with this city and its
                                     people…especially one person in particular. ❞

              She gave him a wink and a playful chuckle before she looked on ahead. She
                   could already smell the flowers.

rivalhelix whispered:

"pats the butt of the wolf goddess and whispers that she's a good girl B)))"

               ❝ Yes…Imma good girl…Right there….Little harder…I’m a good girl… ❞


                                       It gives me Sᴛʀᴇɴɢᴛʜ

                           to have somebody to fight for;

                                   I can never fight for myself

                                   but for others {I can кιℓℓ.}


ホロ - 狼と香辛料 


ホロ 狼と香辛料 

Boucing Red Apple