The wolf waits below
                                        hungry and lonely

She ϲʀіeѕ to the мσση
                                          If only, if only


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"And who just might you be?"

          ❝ Oh, no one in particular. ❞

                                        ❝ I do not suppose you would allow me to pass through here? ❞

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Smirking, she tilted her head and rested her hand on her chin. Her long claws traced her jawlines, pinching together at the end of it.


"A spiral?" She responded as her head turned toward her. "You remind me of my own creator, in that sense."

                      Crimson orbs locked on to the woman, a toothy smirk upon her lips. Knuckles rested upon the curve of her hip, ears twitching and white-tipped tail flicking behind her.

     ❝ Far greater than even that. ❞

                                    ❝ To explain myself better I once did not possess a physical form. ❞
                           ❝ I was only an essence of energy among that I created and was birthed from. ❞
                    ❝ I decided to take on a physical form, thus being banished from the realm I am from. ❞
                                                ❝ I am the mother of wheat yet I was born from it. ❞
                                                     ❝ I am Holo the Wise Wolf, God of Harvest. ❞


     Damn the wind and its change in direction, a pink tint appeared upon his cheeks as he looked upon her now, a lump stuck in his throat.

             How was he to explain watching her bathe in such ways, how he had watched her while she tossed and turned upon the ground contorting in ways he had never seen, nor experienced, a woman do before. His chest tightened, arousal evident in his very scent at this point he was sure though he hoped that the traces of it would not be evident to her due to their distance.  Found out from his once hidden position, he moved closer towards her, careful to walk a certain way so nothing was scene at least for he knew well what the tightened feeling in his lower stomach and stiffness of his lower half would say if it was seen or felt.


"I should not have been watching, my apologies Holo."

                         The wind continued to blow toward her. She could smell everything about him. If was the gift of the wolf, having a sense of smell greater than a common dog. She could smell his arousal but said nothing about it, nor did she let it show upon her face.
       Was did not know why he was there. Perhaps he had sought her out? If there that he needed of her she would gladly help him. Rolling her hips on to their hip she tilted her chin up to him. Ears perked, facing him though they twitched at little sounds from the area around them.

                                                     ❝ Oh no. ❞
                            ❝ I apologize for not noticing you sooner. ❞
                               ❝ Is there something you need of me? ❞

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"You have animal features and you aren’t human, that’s for damn sure."


"C-Child?" She looked over the girl, turning her head. "If you’re older than me, than give me whatever you’re having to look so young!" 

      ❝ I promise you I’m more animal than anything. ❞

                                   ❝ I’ve seen forest grow and mountains rise. ❞
                                 ❝ I created this body to look the way it does. ❞
                               ❝ I shall never age from my current appearance. ❞
                                    ❝ ‘Tis what it means to be a true immortal. ❞
                                     ❝ ‘Tis can be both a gift but also a curse. ❞

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Want had slipped back upon his features as he gazed at her, quiet for the longest of moments before shifting slightly to get a better look at her.  Though her body was never hidden from him, it seemed far more intimate now with how the water dripped down her form, and the hair upon her head to stick to her slick skin.  A gulp passed through him as he felt his chest tighten in what he new to be arousal before he fought to tear his eyes away from her and to take a much needed drink from the clear water.

                        She crawled out of the water before shaking herself off in a more animal-like way. Bathing was always more animal-like than human, especially when she’s usually in a playful mood afterwards.
          Lush green grass was what was under her. She was thankful for the lack of dirt. She dropped herself to the ground, rubbing her head against the grass before rolling about in ways not fit for a woman. The positions she took she grab at her tail was unfit as well, but soon she caught the white tip in her mouth before the wind blew toward her. Ears perked as she sniffed. A flush instantly came to her cheeks when she recognized the scent, crimson eyes falling upon his form as her head turned in his direction.

                                                ❝ Oh my. ❞
                                       ❝ How embarrassing. ❞
                           ❝ Catching me in such a playful fit. ❞

The man paused as he knelt by the lake near his khalasar, turning slightly to catch a glimpse of her further down the stream. He growled, looking upon her want evident in his eye yet he forced it down not wanting to alert her to his presence.

                           Slender digits ran through the long brown tresses that cascaded forward as she bent over the water. The movement of the water drowned out nearly all the sounds around her, making it hard for her ears to pick up anything. The wind blew against her, not carry his scent toward her. Overall, she was not aware of his presence, her attention on getting the blood of her recent kill out of her fur and hair.
      She remained in the shallows, going any deeper would put the she-wolf at risk of drowning for she did not carry the knowledge of swimming. The water was cool around her thighs. Normally she would not venture into water where she was from, it being too cold to even drink from. However, in this climate she was in now it was rather refreshing.

              Soon she had cleared her locks of all tangles and blood. From her current position she swung her head back, her hair flying through the air so now it fell upon her back, several strands sticking to her skin.

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"Ah, another of my kin. Hello there."

                          ❝ Your kin? ❞
                ❝ You’re mistaken child. ❞
                ❝ I am nothing like you. ❞

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