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Goddess' Words

.: ☽ kaname ☾ :.

          ❝ ⁾  - - - ╏☓ ”Being powerful and being lazy are two entirely different
                               things, I fear.” Was said with little seriousness, the Kuran King
                               already knowing that his offer wouldn’t be taken ( — he had little
                               seriousness when he proposed it to begin with ). Though it was
                               possible that the notion of a deity consuming those whom were
                               causing trouble would very quickly lessen up the numbers of 
                               troublesome vampires being produced and reign in those who
                               were naturally causing troubles for him and the others ( as well
                               as humans, of course ).

                                “Really now? How troublesome. When it comes to I, they at least
                                remain docile - however pitifully.” There was always the way they
                                tried to weave their way into his life and become close, but he has
                                yet to be attacked for the powerful blood he houses within the
                                confines of his veins. “I would have thought them smart enough
                                to stop upon realizing that it would be a surely impossible feat.”

                                Head canting to the side, he minded not the lock of hairs which
                                then fell in front of rusted eyes. “How inconsiderate of me.” He
                                says with smile still ever so playful and lax, “I am Kaname
                                Kuran. Head of the Kuran House.”


                ❝ Being lazy is one thing I wish I could be more. Many think that being a
                          goddess would be easy and thus I would be lazy. That is true, for gods and
                          goddess with much easier purposes, however I am the goddess of wheat.
                          There is nothing lazy about keeping the soil rich and bringing great harvests
                           to humans. ❞

             She quickly fell silent. Those crimson hues falling to look at the earth—
                  the soil itself became rich with her very presence. A fang came forth to bite at
                  her bottom lip, a bad habit she had taken up within the past century.

                ❝ One would think that I would be praised by all humans for what I have done,
                           and what I still do and always will, for them. They are selfish, heartless beings
                           sometimes… ❞

             Suddenly, she shook herself. Her purpose was to help humans thrive by giving
                  them rich harvests. However, a rich harvest put a strain on the land and every now
                  and again she had to let it rest, causing a poor harvest. Because of that the humans
                  cursed her—those that still remember her legend—and accuse her of breaking her

            One more shake and she was herself again. No point in getting emotional over
                 such petty things in front of a leech.

               ❝ Kaname Kuran? Interesting name, that is, though I am afraid to say that I have
                        never heard it before. I tend to not get involved in your world. As for my name—
                        I am known by a few names; Holo the Wise Wolf of Yoitsu, Holo of the Wheat and
                        Tail, the Great Wise Wolf. You may call me Holo. ❞

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